Trusted Compliance Experts

Cyfeon’s suite of compliance products- including the one-stop, integrated Compliance Dashboard- allow clients to automate, access and report end-to-end compliance activities across the entire organization.

Created by seasoned software compliance and financial services executives, Cyfeon's web-based platform brings the latest technological advances to compliance offices.

Cyfeon has been honored to serve some of the most prominent financial institutions and telecom providers in the United States. Through Cyfeon’s products, over $1B in revenue has been automated and millions of dollars in fines and reputation harm have been avoided.

Speed and agility are great sources of pride at Cyfeon. In a financial climate where oversight is constantly on the rise and regulations change frequently, delaying compliance upgrades is riskier than ever and can result in millions of dollars in fines and irreparable reputation harm.

Cyfeon understands that our customers don’t have years or months to wait. We’re routinely able to deliver solutions in a fraction of the time it would take internal IT and at a fraction of the cost. In addition, Cyfeon’s products are routinely 50-80% less costly than typical enterprise software solutions.

However, our focus on being a long-term trusted partner and deep compliance expertise are really what set us apart: 90% of clients who purchase individual Cyfeon solutions request additional products and services within 12 months.

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Our Name

Cyfeon is derived from the Gaelic term Cyfiawn which means "just and in conformity with rightness."