Answer Factory™

Answer Factory™ is a reference architecture that is designed to connect your business with the data necessary to improve answer quality. Answer Factory™ tirelessly sifts the voluminous stores of data looking for records that are salient to the user's context. Once it's been setup, it constantly monitors your business to proactively identify issues and provide you with the answer quality you need to run your business.

Answer Factory™ uses best-in-class components, including Cyfeon’s flagship CyfPortal™ application, to provide an unprecedented ability for businesses to fully manage their organizational data. Answer Factory™ can leverage virtually ANY structured data source, unstructured / big data source, analytical model or business rule to provide the best technical approach for solving a business objective. Moreover, any of these sources can be combined together to provide even better answer quality.

Some examples of how Answer Factory™ can be used include:

  • Using customer data, call detail records and feedback from the Answer Factory™ itself to determine which customers are most likely to subscribe to electronic billing
  • Using market data (stock and option quotes and orders), a Twitter feed and blogs to determine the sentiment of a particular stock or option symbol
  • Using customer and order data to identify specific business rules violations (for example products that can't be ordered together)
  • Using customer and order data to predict order fallout by using statistical models that learn which orders are likely to fall out based on orders that have successfully processed in the past
Answer Factory