Answer Quality

Answer Quality

Your answer quality sucks. Sorry to be blunt, but most likely in every area of your life, you struggle with answer quality.

In your personal life, a conversation with your kids or significant other may sound something like this:

"You: How was your day?"

"Them: Fine."

So what does that conversation tell you? I would go so far as to say ABSOLUTELY nothing. You may as well not have even asked the question.

Most likely as a business owner, you also get poor answer quality. Maybe you are asking the wrong questions, maybe you don't know what questions to ask, maybe the answers you get back are "Fine" or almost certainly your answer quality is impacted by all of the above.

At best, this causes you to make uninformed decisions. At worst, it causes you to make BAD decisions. Decisions you would never had made if you had better answer quality. These bad decision can cost you money, market share, confidence and who knows what else.

At Cyfeon, we are on a mission to help our customers improve answer quality. Our Answer Factory™ technology, approach and mindset have all been developed with one question in mind: how will this improve answer quality?

So, if your answer quality sucks (it does), let us know how we can help.