Big Data

Keep Your Data Close, But Your Analytics Closer

Big Data Big data tools present an opportunity to collect data at a rate of volume and disparity unlike anything you've dealt with in the past. Collecting an inventory of data should be one of the greatest assets in building and perpetuating any business strategy. Doesn't matter what shape or size of data that's collected, just take it all in.

Now what?

Cyfeon's Answer Factory™ technology sits on top of any Big Data tool - any data source for that matter - and allows businesses with existing query capabilities (SQL statements) to interrogate their Big Data repositories - or any data source for that matter - as if they are all one single database. There's no "rip and replace" of anything. As a matter of fact, in some instances Answer Factory™ can be installed and driving actionable intelligence on top of your Big Data tool in days - not weeks or months.

Tools like Hadoop™, BigQuery™, Cassandra™, MongoDB™, feed Answer Factory ™ and Answer Factory™, by way of analytics and modeling, creates and distributes useable content to any BI or business application layer. In real time.