Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence ("BI") is one of the most nebulous and overused terms in business today. There is, however, no denying the importance of how a good BI tool will be a primary ingredient to any company's recipe for success.

Let's face it: your company is buried in data. It's everywhere - in massive quantities, disparate locations, and different shapes and sizes. On top of that, there are tremendous reporting needs for each business unit inside of your organization. Marketing probably doesn't want or need the same reports that operational groups want and need. The demand for corporate transparency is far greater than ever.

Any winning data strategy allows companies to present content in a useable, actionable way. And without question an effective data strategy allows BI users from top down ("C" level) to build reports on the fly, as information happens, and immediately 'see' into their world without a call to IT. Presentation and report building tools of any kind shouldn't be so convoluted and involved that "C" level sponsors refrain from accessing their own data when they see fit! It's ridiculous what we see out there every day in the real world!

Perhaps our message is a bit simple:

  • Use all data - as much as you can. Shape and size doesn't matter.
  • Drive content to the right person at the right place in the right time.
  • Allow BI users to interact with data without calling IT or Development. Pssssst: this includes "C" level users!

Does your BI tool treat you so nicely?