CyfPortal is a web-based platform that is easily configured by listing the type of data that will be managed in the application. CyfPortal takes advantage of a framework that is purpose-built to provide enterprise data management functionality.

CyfPortal provides a number of standard capabilities, including:

Ability to create, replace, update and delete managed your enterprise data. Including, the ability to take actions on managed data by providing workflow functionality for each data object stored in the application.

Dashboard & Reporting Module that provides the ability to search, visualize and report data

Complete audit tracking of any create, replace, update or delete that occurs in the application

Ability to assign action items to individual users or groups of users and send an alert email when a new item has been added to a user’s action item list

Role-based security that provides control to application functionality and data

Workflow support for ensuring completion of key tasks

Single-sign on capability

And more…